Saturday, June 11, 2011

Charlie Gasparino's Obsession With Meredith Whitney

Charlie Gasparino has an obsession, and that obsession's name is Meredith Whitney. Like the bully from A Christmas Story, Gasparino has been constantly trying to back Whitney into a corner because of her December 2010 call on municipal bond defaults.

We normally don't pay much attention to this blowhard, but today he ironically tweeted that "being nasty gets you nowhere in life", and this got our attention.

We started Boiler Room in part because we're sick of the bullshit that goes on, and we figured it was time to start calling people out on it. Well, it's time to call Gasparino out for being a ridiculously pompous ass. Charlie Gasparino has been nothing but nasty toward Meredith Whitney. Article after article, tweet after tweet, Gasparino cyber bullies Meredith Whitney as if he has any credibility that differentiates himself from her. In a recent article Gasparino writes "Whitney, of course, has gained almost as much fame for what she got right as for what she got wrong." Citing her call on muni's as what she got wrong. Two problems with that Charles: 1. She was one of the few who called the banking crisis correctly  - we'd say she's earned a tiny bit of credibility. 2. The states are indeed in trouble with their deficits. This saga has not played all the way out yet.

It's fine to have a rational debate about whether or not Meredith is right. What's not fine is becoming captain keyboard and trying to bully people into backing off their opinions simply because you say so.

We wonder if it's the booze that's got you so impressed with yourself:

Either way, it's time for Gasparino to get over himself and realize that he's just a journalist, with credentials no better than Meredith Whitney. He keeps demanding she present her research. We demand you put the martini's down and present your own research. How much due diligence have you done on state & municipal finances? Quit trying to cyber bully Whitney into backing off her comments. Instead, why don't you grow a pair and prove to everyone why what she's saying absolutely cannot happen.

P.S.- Don't forget about this little guy. We're sure muni defaults will never be a problem though.

P.P.S.- It's dynamite insight such as this that makes us wait on the edge of our seats for you to appear on tv again. You're top notch.

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